The first image is from Alonzo King’s LINES ballet. The ballerina is in an unconventional position, her upper body is leaning forward and both her legs are turned in.  Her partner is also leaning forward and supporting her. Both dancers also have their arms in a position that would not be acceptable in classical ballet and they are both looking down. This contrasts greatly with the second image, in which both the dancers are looking up. In the second image the dancers also have their legs turned out, unlike the dancers in the first image.


Amanda Ziegler


One thought on “

  1. These images are similar to the images that I uploaded. The contrast in these pieces express my exact opinion as to how the LINES ballet dancers exude passion and present their story line in an extremely different aspect than the classical ballet. I think that this way allowed the audience to understand the love between the duo by simply looking at the image instead of having to look at a couple of acts to receive this understanding.

    Dia Clark

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