LINES vs. Classical Ballet

large_dancers-swansLINES vs. Classical Ballet

My picture i chose from lines is a group who is connected and interacting, but you can tell it is a more modern ballet because of their use of bent arms and legs and flexed feet. In my Classical Ballet picture it is a group from swan lake who is also doing group work. They are connected as well but they still have straight legs and elongated necks with much composure.

Madeline Roebuck


One thought on “LINES vs. Classical Ballet

  1. I think it’s really interesting that you chose to portray the differences and similarities in a group of dancers. Seeing these two pictures- the differences are highlighted in the lines of the dancers and their proximity to the ground. The LINES ballet is earthy and extremely symbolic. The classical ballet maintains beautiful lines- heads are high and every body part is angled perfectly to portray perfection. I loved your picture choices!!

    Mariah Bartelmez

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