LINES v Classical


I chose to find images in both the modern and classical ballet era on partnered  pieces. I thought that it would be interesting to see how the duo pieces differed overtime, if they did. In the LINES picture (left) it is showing how the male and female dancers are closer and more intertwined with one another while as in the picture on the right the guy is used as more of a support in the piece and the pair dances in straighter lines. I feel as though the LINES picture gives more of an expression of the passion the piece has in just this one scene, while you do not get this expression with the still form of the contemporary picture.

Dia Clark


One thought on “LINES v Classical

  1. This is such a beautiful portrayal of the passion that the LINES ballet captures in its close proximity of positioning. Classical ballet seems to insinuate love between partners in a reserved and traditional way- while neoclassical ballet breaks that norm with extremely intertwined dancers. This doesn’t just insinuate passion, lust, and love- but screams it in a pretty overt way.

    Mariah Bartelmez

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