Lines Ballet VS Classical Ballet



Looking up this neoclassical form of ballet, I was astonished to see these extremely modern lines in the dancer’s form. I decided to use LINES ballet and the San Francisco ballet in my pictures to display the major contrast between the two forms of ballet. In the first picture- you see the strong and streamlined form of the classical ballet. The male dancer has extended legs and hyper extended arches in his feet. His entire body forms this perfectly straight and pretty to look at figure. Classical ballet transports audiences back to times of elegance and genteel culture. It is a sort of timeless escape into traditional gender roles and idealized society. But juxtaposed with the LINES ballet-one can automatically see that this neoclassical form is directed towards this generation and time period. The shapes of the dancers are extremely grounded- their arms and legs contort into almost disturbing lines, yet they maintain alot of the same skeletal outlines of ballet positions. LINES ballet is extremely symbolic of the 21st century- shifting, yet maintaining hints of the past in the basic form of all that we do as a society. It is beautiful to see how ballet changes and morphs overtime into such gorgeous representations of culture and society and also how it stays the same overtime. 


Mariah Bartelmez


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