LINES v Classical

LINES v Classical

These two pictures are very similar in the fact that they are both forms for the technical position, tendue. However, the LINES picture, to the left, is very grounded, curved, and contains harsh lines in the dancer’s wrist and hands. The classical picture, to the right, is very lifted and looks as if the dancer is floating rather sinking into the ground.

I personally love the LINES picture because I see it as something that is more interesting to look at with the various lines and character rather than the prim and proper look.

Lian Dellasala


One thought on “LINES v Classical

  1. In nearly all of the images that has been displayed in the posts comparing the LINES ballet and classical ballet shows the dancers having their heads down and their arms bent in an unusual ballet form. I think that this is one of the biggest differences between the classical and modern forms of ballet. The modern form allows the dancers to present their emotions in a more attractive way so that the viewers can automatically recognize it.

    Dia Clark

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