New York City Ballet

I thought it was neat that he emphasized that music was their guide because it is 100 percent true. If a dancer is not in sync with the music then the impact of the piece is drastically lower. I also didn’t know how much the dancers had to train in order to be in such a prestigious company. I was also not aware that the dancers at the New York city ballet all previously trained at the same school. I’m sure that because each dancer comes from the same background, they are more cohesive as a whole.
I choose this video because I think it is fascinating to see the ballet behind the scenes and to see how they prepare for their performances.

Mackenzie Randolph


5 thoughts on “New York City Ballet

  1. I loved watching this video. There are many things that I learned about the dancers of the NYC Ballet. I knew how intense it was and how each dancer trained to be perfectly in line with each other during performances, but I never knew they all came from the same school of ballet before NYCB. Now that I know this, it makes sense. Like every team, the ballet company can only be as strong as its weakest dancer, so having all the dancers come into the company with the same training is ideal for this top company.

    Lian Dellasala

  2. This video was very interesting to me! I had no idea that the New York City ballet gave so many different performances throughout the year. I think that its very neat that all the dancers trained at the same ballet school before entering the company, not only do they already know each other when they enter the company but they also have the same technical skills. From the clips that they showed in the video it is easy to see how they are entirely in sync with one another on stage, the fact that they all had the same training really shows in these clips. All of the dancers work unbelievably hard, they’re dancing almost twelve hours every day!

    Amanda Ziegler

  3. This was so interesting. It gave me a lot more insight into the lives of these professional dancers. Everything they have to go through to perform is incredible. Not only is it an every day job, it’s an all day job. And they start so young when they go to the ballet school together. The fact that they all go to the same school probably contributes to the dancers’ chemistry. The clips they showed of the dancers were beautiful and how much work they put into the performances is certainly shown.

  4. I wish this video was longer! Seeing all of the different aspects of the ballet come together in 5 minutes was very interesting. I also didn’t know about the partner school; I thought anyone could try out to be in this ballet, but it does make sense that everyone there gets the same background training. Their schedule is so rigorous that it makes me appreciate the final product even more, and the dedication and strength of these dancers is unbelievable!

    Hannah Caruso

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