George Balanchine

George Balanchine graduated from the Russian imperial ballet school in 1921. He not only had a background in dance but he had musical experience as well. He then went on to be a choreographer for Sergio Diaghilev and the ballet russe. He eventually replaced nijinska as the ballet master. Once Diaghilev died, Balanchine started his own company and was sought out by Lincoln Kirstein who wanted him to come to America. Together they founded the School of American Ballet in 1934. From its creation until his death Balanchine served as an artistic director for the New York City Ballet.

Ashley Driver


4 thoughts on “George Balanchine

  1. I love George Balanchine’s choreography! He choreographed both classic and modern themed ballets, but he always managed to make each one unique. I love the fact that he kept traditional ballet technique in his choreography while also putting his own modern “spin” on it. Everything he choreographed was different and it looked very entertaining for the audience as well as fun for the dancers. In the clips that they showed, it was obvious that the dancer’s had to work very hard to keep up with the fast paced tempo of some of his peices!

    Amanda Ziegler

  2. I really enjoyed this video, I thought that it was really interesting and gave you a good deal of information on Balanchine. I thought that it was neat that the video showed all the different styles of ballet Balanchine was able to choreograph, because i really had no idea that he was so diversified. The dancers mad it look very easy on the clip, but im sure they had to work really hard in order to achieve such wonderful ballets.

    Aislin Sheffield

  3. I thought this video was extremely informative and it gave me a solid understanding of Balanchine’s biography. I really like the fact that Balanchine not only choreographed classical ballets but explored more modern form of ballet. And even though the choreography was definitely more modern, it still had a traditional foundation.
    Mackenzie Randolph

  4. The diverse choreography Balanchine was capable of is very intriguing. The fact that he could create a classical style and a modern style ballet shows extraordinary creativity and knowledge of ballet. You can tell that his modern work as classical steps, but they’re arranged in different ways and given a modern twist. At one point in the video, Peter Martins says he “taught Americans how to appreciate classical ballet,” and I think he did this by adapting classical movements to modern interests and he created ballets relevant to our country.

    Danielle Gardner

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