Suzanne Farrell

Suzanne Farrell

Before joining the New York City Ballet, Suzanne Farrell trained at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and at George Balanchine’s School of American Ballet. She started dancing in the New York City’s corps de ballet, but she quickly moved up within the Company, becoming a principal dancer. Balanchine choreographed many ballet’s for Farrell, she was his “alabaster princess.” After retiring from an unusually long and exceptional career, Farrell taught in ballet companies all over the world. She continued on to start her own company, the Suzanne Farrell Ballet. Overtime, a three week study program called “exploring the ballet with Suzanne Farrell” developed, allowing advanced students to train with one of the greatest ballerina’s of the century.

Amanda Ziegler


One thought on “Suzanne Farrell

  1. After looking further into Suzanne Farrell after reading this post, I found a youtube video of various pictures of Balanchine and Farrell. Many of the pictures included Balanchine correcting and almost molding Suzanne to the perfect position. Those were great evidence that Suzanne really was his muse or “alabaster princess.” Even though the video did not show video clips of her dancing, I could tell what determination she had just through the pictures, and how graceful and elegant of a dancer she really was.

    Madeline Roebuck

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