New York City Ballet

The NYCB was founded in 1948 by George Balanchine, the result of four different troupes coming together as one. Dancers first train at the School of American Ballet, which was specifically created by Balanchine. The City Ballet was the first in America to have two permanent venues, which are still in use today–the Lincoln Center and Saratoga Springs. Each winter and spring, the company performs as many as 60 ballets. The company has turned out many esteemed dancers, including Peter Martins and Suzanne Ferrell. Balanchine was one of the most important members of the company; he is noted as the founding choreographer where is style of dance flourished until his death, influencing companies in America and Europe. The company draws in thousands of viewers each season and is seen as one of the most influential companies of its time. 


Kelsey Haywood


2 thoughts on “New York City Ballet

  1. The New York City Ballet is a deeply complex cooperation and it employs many people. I found it interesting that the NYCB has its own orchestra that performs to provide music for the ballet. The orchestra is important because the musical compositions really help tell the story that the ballet is trying to execute. The NYCB orchestra plays for the NYCB on tours (except international) and even has select soloists perform during some shows. I think it is really cool that even though we don’t always notice the music, there is another whole group of people besides the dancers who make the ballet all that it is. A great ballet program would be nothing without talented musicians to perform and create a mood in the room that helps people understand the ballet.

    Natalie D’Addieco

  2. To comment on Natalie’s response, I also liked learning about not only NYCB orchestra, but also the School of American Ballet from the video at the top of the page. Before today, I didn’t know about the training required to join the company or that Balanchine himself created the School of American Ballet! The music and skills of the dancers really make the ballet what it is, and I have enjoyed learning more about these aspects of it from this week. For a relatively young company, the New York City Ballet has become so prestigious and vital in the dance world.

    Hannah Caruso

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