Le Sacredu Printemps

Le Sacredu Printemps, also referred to as the Rite of Spring, was a controversial ballet premiered by the Ballet Russes. The score was written by Igor Stravinsky and choreographed by Vaslav Nijinsky. The ballet premiered in 1913 and caused riot within the audience most likely because it challenged their traditional values and possibly their religious beliefs. Both the music and the choreography were very innovative and experimental. The story involved a sacrifice of a chosen “virgin” girl who must dance to death to honor the ancestors to ensure a good harvest. The video above is a later adaption of the ballet.

Ashley Driver


3 thoughts on “Le Sacredu Printemps

  1. As a music major, I have been hearing about The Rite of Spring forever. I am familiar with parts of the music, but I have never actually seen the ballet. I have always wanted to! So I thoroughly enjoyed this video (and the other 2 parts of it). This must be an extremely challenging ballet to dance due to the forever changes meters and random accents on which they must move. And it’s so obvious if you get off due to those accents. The whole thing is full of dark and primal energy, and I love it! I can see how it could cause some riots though!

  2. I find it so interesting that this ballet caused riots in the audience. I think it was very bold of the choreographers/directors and the composer to experiment with new ideas and broaden the expectation of the ballet. Although this ballet is not traditional, I think it is still beautiful and interesting to watch.
    Mackenzie Randolph

  3. When the dancers first started doing their dance , i was really surprised at how intense it was. I really enjoyed all of the dances and thought it was super amazing how synchronized the dancers were. I also thought that the music matched the tone and the dances perfectly. I really liked it.

    Aislin Sheffield

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