Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova was a Russian ballerina in the 19th and early 20th century. Many people doubted her ability to be a good ballerina because of her frail body and weak ankles, but audiences were captivated by this feature. In 1905, she performed her most famous piece, The Dying Swan which was a solo choreographed by Michael Fokine. She was named prima Ballerina in 1906 for her wonderful performance in Giselle. She later founded her own company with which she made her world tour. She was the first ballerina to tour the world and inspired people everywhere from Peru to New Zealand to China where she allegedly  completed 37 turns on top of a moving elephant. In 1930, she developed pneumonia after being in a train accident where she was unharmed, but forced to wait in the snow for hours. She died in January 1931, but her legacy survives because she was one of the most influential dancers of her time.

Danielle Gardner


One thought on “Anna Pavlova

  1. Anna Pavlova’s story is so interesting to me! I can’t believe how, despite her physical setbacks, she still soared to the top and is still remembered for her skill and beauty. Doing 37 turns on a moving elephant is also incredible impressive, seeing how I can barely do 2 clean pirouettes on flat ground! I would like to watch The Dying Swan sometime to see what really made her memorable to the world.

    Hannah Caruso

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