Serge Diaghilev

The last time that this odyssey met, we were introduced to many artists and artworks responsible for the brilliance that ballet exudes today. The artist that caught my attention was the man responsible for originating modern contemporary, Serge Diaghilev. As I began researching him, I noticed that he was a very successful business man. He was a law student prior to becoming a cofounder of an art magazine and later made artistic advisor! His drive allowed opportunities to continuously open for him, causing him to keep experiencing success. After leaving this magazine, he began exhibitions of Russian art with the inclusion of an independent ballet, which was successful. This was a great risk, but by Diaghilev including the opera, the companies Russian ballets are normally associated with, it allowed the ballet to be a surprising success. I feel that without his desire, despite the doubt and struggle he experienced, to make a change in the world of art that ballet would not exist, or have the respect that it does, today.

Dia Clark


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