Le Spectre de la Rose

I decided to do some research on the ballet Le Spectre de la Rose because it includes some of the people we could look up as well. In English it means, “The Spirit of the Rose,” and it is a shorter ballet written by Jean-Louis Vaudoyer. The basic storyline is about a young girl who dreams of dancing with the spirit of the rose she received from her very first ball she attends. Michael Fowkine was the choreographer and interestingly enough he finished the dance in about three or four practices. Leon Bakst was the set and costumer designer who is another one of the people we could research. On April 19, 1911, the ballet was performed for the first time in Monte Carlo. The spirit rose was performed by Vaslav Nijinsky and the girl was performed by Tamara Karsavina. From what i can tell the ballet was a great hit, and became world wide known for Vaslav Nijinsky’s amazing leap through a window at the end of the performance. I think i would really enjoy watching this ballet!


Madeline Roebuck


2 thoughts on “Le Spectre de la Rose

  1. I did my research on Vaslav Nijinsky, and found that he was most noted for his high jumps and leaps. It seems that everything he was in was a huge hit, just because he danced in it. I wonder if at this time people were inclined to see ballets to appreciate the art form, or just to see Nijinsky because he was a celebrity. I think this would be an interesting ballet to see, since it is based on an encounter with a rose’s spirit and not an actual person. It sort of reminds me of the second act of Giselle and the other ballets of its time–a mystical world full of spirits, but with a twist.

    Kelsey Haywood

  2. From Madeline’s description, I think I would enjoy this ballet very much. I know that Nijinsky was an exceptional performer, and I love watching impressive leaps and jumps. I can’t imagine how he was able to jump through a window! I also love the more mystical storylines that this ballet, and others such as La Slyphide and Giselle are based upon. These types of storylines often produce some of the most beautiful ballets, because they revolve around mystical objects and creatures rather than humans.

    Amanda Ziegler.

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