Le Sacredu Printemps

In class I heard that Le Sacredu Printemps was a ballet that started riots in the theater. Intrigued as I was, I decided to look more into it. Igor Stravinsky was a composer who was well known for his ballet L’Oiseau de feu which was known as being a sweet pleasant ballet. Three years after his first ballet was performed, Le Sacredu Printemps was performed. Everyone expected it to be similar to his first, but they were in for an awakening. This ballet starts out with the sacrificing of a virgin and the movement is nothing that has ever been performed before this time. I read this and was curious of how people could be appalled by a death scene in a ballet, so I watched the opening of the ballet. If I were watching it for the first time live, I would be terrified too, and I understand why riots were started. The dancers are only wearing nude leotards and the dancing is very sexual. The music is dark and loud, almost like the sound track to an evil villain in a superhero movie. This would not be something that was normal to the world then like it is to today’s. If I were there watching the first show of Le Sacredu Printemps, I could too. 

Lian Dellasala


One thought on “Le Sacredu Printemps

  1. I also watched the introductory scene for The Rite of Spring and was surprised. Even for present day, the dancing was a little too sexual for a ballet. Musicals and modern dance companies may dance like that and get away with it, but ballet is based on classical traditions and even today you don’t see too many ballet companies stray from that. That is why it is surprising that back in Stravinsky’s time, the choreographer of Rite of Spring found it appropriate to dance in that manner, The costumes I saw where not nude leotards but they were very thin, very revealing nude dresses almost designed to look as though the dancers were not wearing clothes. I did however admire the costume designers boldness to not use flashy costumes for this ballet.

    Natalie D’Addieco

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