Igor Stravinsky (Petruchka)

I decided that for my assignment this week I would research Igor Stravinsky since I’ve never researched a composer before. Stravinsky was born on June 17, 1882, in Russia. His career in music came early because his dad was a bass singer in the Mariinsky Theatre. He started playing piano as a young boy and even started composing his own music. Although he had a passion for music, his parents expected him to study law. Although he went into college intending to study law, he ended up spending a lot of time with composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. He started taking twice-weekly private lessons from Rimsky-Korsakov and realized he wanted to be composer for the rest of his life. His first full-length ballet score was The Firebird which made him famous. Other famous works of his were compositions for Petruchka and Le Sacre du printemps. Stravinsky was one of the greatest composers of all time, winning four grammy awards including the Lifetime Achievement award.


Natalie D’Addieco


2 thoughts on “Igor Stravinsky (Petruchka)

  1. I think that this is interesting because he has a similar background to that of Serge Diaghilev, who was also a law student from Russia. They both had passions for the ballet and did not allow anything to stop them from accomplishing their desire to make a difference in the art. I like how they both not only contributed to the art of ballet, but made a vast difference to what it has become!

    Dia Clark

  2. I have always loved Stravinsky’s music, but I didn’t know much about his background. I think it’s really interesting (and encouraging) that he started formally studying composition later in his life than many of us do now. Of course, studying with Rimsky-Korsakov would catch anyone up pretty quickly, but still. I think especially in these days, people tend to think you have to start studying something almost as a child in order to become great, but Stravinsky shows that it’s never too late. It doesn’t help to be a musical genius, but that’s another story.

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