La Sylphide vs Giselle

I chose to watch La Sylphide in class rather than Giselle, because I had never seen it; I have, though, seen bits and pieces of Giselle. After doing some extra research on Giselle, I have concluded that I enjoyed La Sylphide more; it was easier to follow, and I liked the storyline better. In my opinion, La Sylphide had more elements of fantasy and mystery, what with the sylphides and the witch who read their palms. Giselle had mystical creatures as well, though, the Wilis, Both ballets ended on a sad note and involve death; Giselle dies, along with Hilarion and Albrecht, and the slyphide in La Sylphide dies as well. A great amount of heartbreak is present in each ballet as well. Giselle has her heart broken when she realizes Albrecht has been lying to her about his true identity, and Effie is heartbroken when James rushes off and leaves her. As is common with these types of ballets, the first act is set in the real world, while the second act is the part that is composed mostly of fantastical elements. I do like how the endings of the ballets, though not happy ones, do bring a sort of justice to the men who wronged their betrothed. Albrecht is left heartbroken once Giselle is dead, and James ends up alone because Effie marries another man and his sylph dies. 


Lana Rakestraw


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