Giselle Act 2

The second acts of Giselle and La Sylphide are very similar. They both take place in the woods after dark which gives off a very creepy vibe. I think that Giselle is a little creepier than La Sylphide because of the lightening and the darker background. When the chors de ballet comes out in all white with the veils over their faces, they remind me of zombie ghosts. My favorite part of this clip is when the chors dances around the prima ballerina in a circle. It was so creepy when the prima ballerina motions the ballerina from behind the tombstone. I think Giselle and La Sylphide are extremely similar, but Giselle has a creepier feel.

Erica Swilley


One thought on “Giselle Act 2

  1. I really enjoyed this clip from Giselle, I think that we skipped over this in class because I don’t really remember watching this scene, because I really liked when the ballerinas came out wearing the veils, it was really creepy and i thought it gave me more insight into what was going on with the whole revenge and dance until you die sort of thing.

    Aislin Sheffield

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