Creole Giselle

As soon as I heard there was a creole version of Giselle I was very intrigued. Since the story line was a little different I wanted to see how that affected the performance. I just have to say I absolutely loved Virginia Johnson. I thought all of her movement were very graceful and controlled, she was flawless in this performance. One of the main differences I noticed was the costume color. The “willie” costumes in this version were not quite as bright as those in Giselle, and the lighting was a brighter purple-y color as opposed to the dark blue in Giselle. I also thought the music sounded lower and that this dance is the Creole Giselle appeared more loving as opposed to the traditional Giselle in which the movements seemed a little faster and more almost torturous.

Ashley Driver


2 thoughts on “Creole Giselle

  1. I enjoyed the differences between Creole Giselle and the regular one. I also noticed the costumes, but more of the style rather than the color. These white dresses were more earthy looking and had less full bottoms. Both of the main dancers were more flowy in their movements as compared to in the original Giselle, where the second act is more dark and frantic in the male’s movement. This version definitely had a lighter feel.

    Hannah Caruso

  2. The costumes in this version are much more flow-y and I think that adds to the dreamlike effect of the ballet. The set up of the stage including the lighting makes it seem less sinister as well as the slower movements of the dancers. These two dancers seem much softer than in the original. However, it is not completely different from the original Giselle since they both use many of the same moves.
    Danielle Gardner

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