La Sylphide Act 2

I chose this second act of La Sylphide because I watched Giselle in class. These ballet blanc dancers have a much more whimsical feel. The lighting is still blue and fantastical and they have the specialized tulle tutus, but the movement and acting is not as eerie as in Giselle since they aren’t out for revenge. From what I saw from the clips overall, La Sylphide looks like more of a mythical story and setting.

Hannah Caruso


6 thoughts on “La Sylphide Act 2

  1. I thought it was very interesting that the lighting could be so incredibly similar in both ballets and yet the feeling be so different. That takes some definite skill of the dancers in La Sylphide to be able to show a lighter side even in such mysterious and dark lighting. The music also plays a big part of it. The music in La Sylphide is much more playful than the ominous music in Giselle. Similar lighting, costumes, and set and yet totally different atmospheres!

  2. I watched Giselle in class as well and was shocked by the intensity of the witches at the beginning of this clip of La Sylphide. This clip seemed more upbeat than Giselle. The lighting is similar but definitely not as dark as in Giselle’s second act and I think the less domineering music of La Sylphide contributes to the less sinister feeling.. The couple seems less traumatized than the couple in the second act of Giselle.
    Danielle Gardner

  3. I found this video to be very entertaining. I thought the character dynamics were very different which gave it more of a story. The witches were just comical to me. I really enjoyed their part. I thought the costumes, mainly the kilt, was very authentic, it aided to the characterization for the male role. In comparison to Giselle, I think this scene was lighter and less sinister than the one with the willies. I also thought the choreography looked a little less intense which helped create a lighter mood.

    Ashley Driver

  4. I watched Giselle in class as well, and after watching some of the clips on here i found that i really liked la sylphide. I havent watched any of the firs act of la sylphide, but the second act was really different compared to Giselle’s second act. the setting was very similar, but the dances were much more light and airy, and i enjoyed them alot more.
    Aislin Sheffield

  5. In class I watched Giselle, after seeing this clip I noticed how similar the costumes of the Willis and the Slyphs were designed. In both ballets the two mystical creatures have many similar features. I also noticed that the corps de ballet which make up the willis and the slyphs do a lot of work. They are constantly dancing, and often times without breaks. They also have to be perfectly synchronized with one another, each dancer’s time has to be absolutely perfect. This is very difficult to achieve because there are so many dancers.

    Amanda Ziegler

  6. I watched La Sylphide in class and when I looked up clips from act 2 of Giselle, I was amazed at how dark and intense the story is. The lighting and dancers in Giselle are a lot creepier than in La Sylphide. The creepiest part of La Sylphide is when the witch is casting the spell on the scarf. Other than that it isn’t very eerie like act 2 of Giselle.

    Erica Swilley

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