Creole Giselle

I found this version of Giselle to have the same interesting characteristics as its original version. I like how it stayed true to the storyline, but put a twist on it to make it unique. but had the stage details changed to honor the specific play. I enjoyed watching this different out take of Giselle because it showed that although it occurred in a different era, it showed that social class was still an important factor. Unlike the original Giselle, this version, in my opinion, gives a better visual for the difference in their social status. Although both versions of Giselle have obvious differences, the beauty of the dance is, fortunately, not one.

Dia Clark


One thought on “Creole Giselle

  1. This version was very enjoyable for me to watch; right away, it captured my attention. I agree with Dia, in saying that this Creole version does make it easier to understand the differences in social class and how that could prevent a love from happening. I really liked watching this dancer; she had a lovely presence and was very graceful in her movements, even the ones where she hops en pointe, which must be a very difficult step. I do like the set and background of the scene, it furthers the image of the differences in social class, and it is also different from the versions of Giselle I’ve seen, which is refreshing.

    Lana Rakestraw

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