La Sylphide in comparison to Giselle

I like this video because it shows a lot of different elements in La Sylphide that weren’t in Giselle. The biggest difference between the two storylines is that the sylph is in the first act as a ballet blanc character, whereas in Giselle there are no ballet blanc characters until the second act. In La Sylphide there are two women: one that represents the more character and folk dances and one who is the more spiritual character. The character of Gisele encompasses both of these aspects. Also in La Sylphide, all three people in the love triangle dance together, which doesn’t really happen in Giselle.

Abby Jones


2 thoughts on “La Sylphide in comparison to Giselle

  1. In this video clip, you can really see the love triangle. All the dancing between the three characters is always together in a trio. I love the way this was choreographed to show this struggle/ problem. I do not like how everyone is on point/flat. I enjoyed the version we watched in class more because in made La Sylphide stand out more and seem more important.

    Lian Dellasala

  2. I really enjoyed watching the three characters involved in the love triangle dance together! I feel like that scene allows the feelings of the wife to be expressed, which weren’t present in Giselle. It also allows the audience to receive an understanding of how the male character feels with both women, while they are both in his presence and how he is torn in between the two.

    Dia Clark

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