La Sylphide and Giselle are two ballets with fairly similar plots. Both tell of forbidden love- but in La Sylphide the main male character forsakes his fiance for a mythical creature that turns out to figment of his imagination, while in Giselle, the main male character forsakes his wife for Giselle. Both are tragedies- in La Sylphide, the sylph eventually dies and Ruben is left to mourn his “lover’s” death and in Giselle, she finds out that her beloved is married and after her death, he mourns her. Both ballets have similar storylines- the first act is realistic and shows the importance of the townspeople. The costumes are very peasant-like and realistic for the time. But the second act in both performances is mystical and dream-like. Overall, both ballets have extremely similar ideas and themes. I watched La Sylphide, but I saw the ballet Giselle when I was younger. I liked both of them- but I think La Sylphide was more interesting to watch. 


Mariah Bartelmez


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  1. Also the endings of both ballets are quite similar. Giselle’s lover is forced to mourn over her death while Ruben is also forced to mourn his lovers death. I do think, however, that the ending of Giselle was a bit more positive because Giselle ended up saving her lover from having to dance to his death. Giselle also gets to rest in peace because she forgave her lover for his wrongdoings.
    Mackenzie Randolph

  2. I have never seen La Sylphide before, but your comparisons of the two ballets has really given me an interest in it! I think what causes it to seem so interesting to me is from your mentioning of him falling in love with a mythical creature. I would love to see how the story line plays out and how he is tortured, in a sense, for betraying her!

    Dia Clark

  3. I agree with Dia that I definitely want to see La Sylphide now! Of course I did research for this assignment, but nothing really mentioned the Sylph being a figment of his imagination. I guess it makes sense since she’s a mythical creature, but still. I had no idea! That makes the whole ballet much darker to me because that means that he gave up his wife and his dignity for a lover who wasn’t even real. This adds to why I think Giselle actually has a more positive ending. Not only does Giselle save and forgive her lover, but at least she died for a love that was real! I will definitely have to check it out.

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