Giselle costumes vs. La Sylphide costumes

Giselle costumes vs. La Sylphide costumes

One of my favorite things about the ballet are the costumes. I think that the wardrobe helps convey the story and set the scene and time period. In La Sylphide which I watched in class, I enjoyed the Scottish kilts that both men and women wore. Whether or not it was supposed to take place in Scotland I am unaware of, but it did give the ballet a foreign look. It also expressed youth especially in Effie’s case because it made her look like a schoolgirl which symbolizes youth and innocence. In Giselle, the costumes are more peasant-like with ribbon corsets and tulle skirts. The costumes Giselle wore were simple to show she was a plain girl, but they were still so beautifully constructed. I would really like to see another ballet were the costumes are showing a character’s wealth because I think those kinds of costumes would be really beautiful. I have more trouble discerning between the men’s costumes and what they are trying to say about the character because I feel like they all look similar. I do however think the male costumes demonstrate culture as well as the women’s like how James from La Sylphide wears a kilt like the women do to show the Scottish culture. I really enjoyed La Sylphide in class and also learning about Giselle after class.

Natalie D’Addieco


6 thoughts on “Giselle costumes vs. La Sylphide costumes

  1. The costumes of Giselle, which I watched in class, were so simple without being too plain, especially for Giselle and those who lived around her. Giselle stuck out just enough to show she was the main character. After looking at the costumes from La Sylphide, I agree with Natalie. I thought they were very beautiful and unusual for a ballet this important.

    Kelsey Haywood

  2. I like how the costumes in La Sylphide really represented the setting and were traditional Scottish attire. I was especially amused by the argyle socks the men wore in the version I watched. I also like how the kilts that the men wore covered more of their lower half than what is usually covered in ballets. I thought there was a good contrast in both ballets between the colorful and cheerful costumes in the first act to the complete white in the second. Going along with what Natalie said about costumes showing character wealth, there is a definite difference in Giselle between the peasants’ costumes and the royal party’s costumes.

    Abby Jones

  3. I agree with Natalie- the costumes really did a wonderful job at telling the story that both La Sylphide and Giselle were trying to convey. I also agree with Natalie that it is hard to distinguish the male costume differences in both these works of art. Male costuming that we’ve seen thus far in all the ballets we’ve watched has seemed pretty similar. Maybe I just don’t know what to look for in terms of differentiation. Overall though, I really enjoyed the costumes- I think Giselle’s costume in the second act was my favorite- it was so simple and beautiful and lovely.

    Mariah Bartelmez

  4. I love the costumes in La Sylphide, for they were unique to the setting of the ballet and left the audience remembering the ballet. Giselle had beautiful costumes too, but they were very simple and peasant like, similar to most other ballets. I agree with Natalie in all her comments on costumes, but I have seen some ballets where the male costumes are much more extravagant than usual. These are usually found in ballets such as Sleeping Beauty where the court or palace is a huge part of the ballet.

    Lian Dellasala

  5. When I looked up the costumes in La Sylphide I definitely understood why they stood out to ya’ll. I really enjoyed the fact that the costumes incorporated a foreign setting because the men wore kilts. I feel like the costumes gave La Sylphide a more authentic feel. The costumes in Giselle were also nice but not as detailed, which was appropriate since Giselle was of a lower class.
    Mackenzie Randolph

  6. I watched Giselle in class and found the costumes intriguing as well. The costumes for Giselle were very peasant like. That contrast became very apparent when the royal party arrived. I also thought the willie costumes were appropriate. White is normally associated with beauty and innocence or marriage. In this case the white made the women exude beauty and that is what helped draw the men in. The fuller, longer skirts made the costumes look more wedding-like which is appropriate because all the willies are women who were wronged by love in one way or another. After checking out the costumes for La Sylphide I agree that they add character and authenticity which fits the ballet.

    Ashley Driver

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