Music from La Fille Mal Gardee

The music from La Fille Mal Gardee has gone through many transitions and changes. The original score was simply a mix of 55 popular french airs and did not list a composer or arranger. This was the case in most of the 18th and early 19th century ballets. After one or two revivals in which composers edited the score a bit (most notably Ferdinand Herold’s adaptation) , the Italian choreographer Paul Taglioni commissioned an entirely new score from the Königliches Opernhaus’s resident composer of ballet music Peter Ludwig Hertel. It debuted and was a resounding success.
Most recently in 1960, John Lanchberry created a new score based on the original score and the one by Harold. That was for Sir Frederick Ashton’s revival.

This video showcases the music by Hertel and just go goes to show the close relationship between the music and the action and the true art form it is to find the balance between the two.

-Savanna Lawing


One thought on “Music from La Fille Mal Gardee

  1. I thought it was very interesting that in this scene they gave Coisette extremely childlike qualities such as tugging on her mother’s skirt, sitting on the floor pouting, and try to sneak away by crawling across the floor. Considering that the issue in the story was not that she was too young for love but her mother simply had previous marriage arrangements made for her. We know that she’s teenager which is why I’m surprised that they choreographed the scene to make her appear like a baby rather than a young, rebellious teenager.
    I was also impressed that the set looked more like a movie set instead of a stage set, they combined a ballet with the characteristics of a movie.

    Amanda Ziegler

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