La Fille Mal Gardee vs. Romeo & Juliet

Watching La Fille Mal Gardee, I noticed that this ballet was a love story conveyed by humor and for the purpose of enjoying true love. This ballet, unlike Romeo & Juliet, has a happy ending that showcases the power of love and the authority it has over familial and social expectations. Romeo and Juliet is from a realist’s point of view on love and is a tragedy. The purpose is for the audience to emotionally experience the risk of love and the pain that it sometimes inevitably inflicts. Through the use of set and costume design, along with choreography and facial expression, La Fille Mal Gardee uses exaggeration and humor to express its sentiment of happiness. The dances are choppier and downright hilarious. The characters are a bit outrageous ( like the widow Simone) to express the silly and witty nature of love. The set and plot of the play are expressed in a way that makes the audience experience the light hearted and innocent nature of love. Romeo and Juliet is different in that the play uses deep sentiments of hearty emotion to convey a tragic love story. The choreography is slow, calculated, legato, and extremely passionate. The set is simplistic in order to keep the focus on the characters and the intensity of their love. The ending of Romeo and Juliet expresses the reality of some love- and the risk that all lovers take in situations where families do not agree on their love. Overall, I enjoyed humor of La Fille Mal Gardee, but Romeo and Juliet’s pure passion and emotion drew me in and spoke to me way more.


Mariah Bartelmez


One thought on “La Fille Mal Gardee vs. Romeo & Juliet

  1. The detail that you went into contrasting the two plays allows the viewer to understand the deeper meaning that they hold. I like how you classified the two ballets as love stories, but with different outtakes on what can occur from forbidden love. The similarity that the two plays have with one another allows the different views that love stories could have stand out. I also feel that the passion exuded from Romeo & Juliet grasped my attention more, but I personally enjoy love stories. However, La Fille Mas Gardee was the first comedic-like ballet that I experienced, and I not only enjoyed it, but it also opened my mind the wide spectrum of ballets that exist.
    Dia Clark

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