La fille mal gardée pas de deux


I chose this scene because I think it is one of the most beautiful scenes in the ballet. Even though there are many comedic and entertaining ones, this one is full of deep emotion. The work with the ribbons is so intricate and captivating, and the portion where Lise is revolving in the middle of the ribbon formation is incredible. I also particularly love Steven McRae’s dancing. It’s so beautiful and graceful, but he maintains his masculinity. Both Steven and Roberta make many very quick and beautiful turns throughout the dance, which I enjoyed. Overall, this is just a very diverse scene with many breathtaking portions.


Danielle Gardner


One thought on “La fille mal gardée pas de deux

  1. This is probably one of my favorite scenes and I absolutely love these two dancers together. I would agree with Danielle about the part where Lise Is holding the ribbons and turning. I don’t know how she manages to do that, but she is phenomenal. I thought the lifts in this scene were pretty as well. It definitely stayed true to the concept of the pas de deux with the many fouettes. Roberta’s small intricate foot moments highlighted this as well. I love the control she has with her legs and feet. It is simply stunning. I think the ribbon work makes this scene very unique. It is a great prop it really enhances the performance and gives it kind of a wow factor, but it does not detract from the principals.

    Ashley Driver

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