La fille mal gardee final pas de duex

I loved this scene! I was surprised at how well I was able to focus on the dancers. I thought the grand scenery might detract from the performance by drawing attention away from the dancers, but I actually thought it enhanced the performance. The fact that all the corps dancers are focused on the principals helps draw the attention to them. I personally loved Roberta Marquez I thought her lines were beautiful. She displayed so much control. Perhaps my favorite thing about this choreography was the lifts. I thought they were beautiful. She looked like she was floating and in my mind that’s how marrying someone you love would make you feel. I also found her facial expressions to be adorable. She really looked as if being able to marry him made her the happiest girl in the world.

Ashley Driver


5 thoughts on “La fille mal gardee final pas de duex

  1. This scene was so beautiful. I love the slow music and how elegant of a dancer Lise is. I especially enjoyed her turn sequences on point. Her costume is so elegant as well and I thought the whole scene tied together really well. The way Colas holds her for her turns is really endearing, you can see his love for her in his facial expressions and in the care he has as he holds her. I thought Lise’s lines were beautiful, especially in her turns when she would do different positions and extend her leg. This piece was one of the slowest but prettiest in the ballet and it makes a great contrast to the more humerus dances also in this show.

    Natalie D’Addieco

  2. I also loved the lifts, like Ashley said. Lise appeared so light on her feet, like she was weightless bouncing off the floor into every new trick. This piece was really captivating despite its slow speed. Both dancers displayed such control and strength in the delicate movement that it made the slow dancing even more impressive to someone who knows that the slow movement in ballet can often be the hardest.

    Hannah Caruso

  3. I agree with Ashley in that Lise’s facial expressions really did convey her feelings for her new husband. For me that really made the piece because I got the strong feeling that these were newlyweds who were absolutely utterly in love. Colas does the same but also with his lifts. The strength and ease of his lifts show his undying support of and care for Lise. They both showed an incredible amount of control and grace and at the same time giving the impression of a happy and loving couple. I also agree with Ashley that it seems like the the sheer number of people on stage coupled with their bold costumes could be distracting, but if my eye was ever drawn to someone in the corps, their awed and loving facial expressions brought me back to the main couple.

    Savanna Lawing

  4. I loved this scene since it was the reveal and acceptance of their love. The music and dance went along well with that theme because it was slow but uplifting. The dancer’s chemistry also attributed to the expression and admittance of their love. The dance itself was beautiful with all the graceful lifts. As always, the dancers make it looks so easy, but it requires so much strength and control. The slow dancing makes it appear as if they are taking in and appreciating every moment they enjoy together now that their love has been accepted.

    Danielle Gardner

  5. This was definitely one of my favorite scenes because the overflowing happiness. As everyone else said this dance was so beautiful and light. This really shows the difference between Romeo and Juliet and this ballet because this is the happy ending for Lies and Colas whereas Romeo and Juliet ends in tragedy. I also really like Lise’s costume for this scene, the wedding dress is so pretty.

    Aislin Sheffield

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