La Fille Mal Garde Pas De Deux

I thought this duet was absolutely amazing! There was no set on stage, but that allowed the audience to devote all their attention to the duet. The dancers maintained perfect technique throughout the entire variation and the ballerina had incredible extensions.
I find it very interesting to know that the original ballet looked nothing like this! This ballet evolved over many years to produce beautiful variations such as this one!

Amanda Ziegler


3 thoughts on “La Fille Mal Garde Pas De Deux

  1. This set of this ballet is very similar to some of the videos of Romeo & Juliet that was posted last week. In comparison to those ballets, this set had minimal props and the dancers wore plain costumes. I believe that the La Fille Mal Gardee team’s intensions of having a set like this was to keep the viewers attention on the dancers and to show the happiness and love they exude amongst one another. Fortunately, for the viewers, the music is blissful enough to allow one’s attention to remain on the ballet and the dancers movements are so beautiful and effortless that the extra things normally inclusive on the set are not necessary.
    Dia Clark

  2. I did enjoy watching this pax, but I would have liked to see a basic back drop or set. It looks like this was done for a dance competition based on the background and tutu (normally Lise would not be wearing a tutu). The actual dancing was fabulous and her extensions are great.

    Lian Dellasala

  3. It looked like this could have been just a pas de deux performance rather than a performance of the whole ballet. That would explain the simplistic backdrop and possibly the tutu. I think the tutu is pretty, but I prefer the one used in the full ballet with the longer skirt. The classic tutu used in this performance did not highlight how she was lower class, it made her look wealthier. With that being said, I loved the lift in this choreography and I though her arches were amazing. She definitely had my attention throughout the performance. Her arabesques were flawless.

    Ashley Driver

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