La Fille Mal Garde Grand Pas De Deux

I love the music to this dance. It is very cheery at the beginning. Then when the ribbons come out, the music gets almost dream like. I am amazed at how effortless it seems when they dance with the ribbons. Especially at 4:12 when the ballerinas run around the prima ballerina with the ribbons, and the prima ballerina turns on point. They are all so graceful, and make ballet look effortless. After the ribbon dance, the music changes to a more masculine tone for the male ballerina’s solo. I love the part when he does the turns in a circle around the stage; it looks so cool! Then the prima ballerina does turns around the stage similar to his, but adds in leaps. My favorite part is when the male ballerina jumps up and switches his legs in the air.

Erica Swilley


One thought on “La Fille Mal Garde Grand Pas De Deux

  1. I really loved Lise’s solo at the very beginning of this dance. The quick foot movements and little jumps were so crisp and her lines were so graceful. The leaps looked like they were suspended in the air. You could see the ballerina breathing through her movement. I agree with Erica about the part with the ribbons. I can’t imagine how much skill it would take to stand so still on pointe and only turn by the momentum from the spinning ribbons.

    Hannah Caruso

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