La Fille Mal Gardee Grand pas de deux

I picked this video because my mouth literally dropped when i watched it. The two dancers are absolutely AMAZING! To begin with, Marianela’s (Lise) feet were so pointed and turned out and her leaps across the stage in the first minute when she has her solo just float across the stage. She makes everything look so effortless and I think she is one of my favorite Lise’s that i watched perform. Not to mention, around the four minute mark when she is holding the ribbons and balancing all by herself in an attitude on pointe.. i can’t get over how much strength that has to take! Then, Carlos’s solo is once again, amazing. His leaps and jumps have such height and control like he also is gliding across the stage. I think both of them do a phenomenal job and i loved watching this video!

Madeline Roebuck


One thought on “La Fille Mal Gardee Grand pas de deux

  1. Madeline, I agree with you that her dancing is beautiful. Her movement is effortless and flows together seamlessly. I really like the ribbon section in this dance. Props are not always easy to work with while your dancing. Not only do you have to worry about technique, but you have an added element (the prop) to be concerned about. But they pulled the scene off beautifully and I really enjoying watch the corps de ballet and the main dancers preform. I also felt as though Lise and Carlos had excellent chemistry which made their interactions very entertaining. I felt as though Carlos was a very strong male lead. He was graceful yet powerful at the same time

    Mackenzie Randolph

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