La Fille Mal Gardee Clog Dance

Out of all of the scenes we watched of the ballet in class, I enjoyed this one the most. It’s such a different style of dancing that I’m used to, especially for being in the middle of a ballet. It was such a fun break, comedic enough without being overbearing. I loved how the girls were still able to dance en pointe in clog shoes, and how everyone matched the music perfectly. Everyone was in sync, and even though it was a clog dance, it was still very elegant and fun.

Kelsey Haywood


4 thoughts on “La Fille Mal Gardee Clog Dance

  1. This wasn’t necessarily my favorite scene in La Fille map Gardee, however, I did enjoy it. The character dancing isn’t as graceful as traditional ballet but it is fun and definitely contributes to the overall ballet because it changes everything up a little bit. The dancers that accompanied Lise mother were interesting to watch because even though the movement in their feet was somewhat harsh, their hands were still graceful and poised. Lise mother was fun to watch because her character took on a more of an acting role, and I thought she did an excellent job at incorporating humor into her dancing.

    Mackenzie Randolph

  2. I love how every scene with Widow Simone is full of physical comedy. I’ve never seen a ballet with so much comedy in it before, and for it to be such an old ballet it surprises me even more. I thought it was excellent the way Widow Simone was sort of clumsier and funnier than the still graceful back up dancers. I also thought the slides were really cool because I would probably bust my butt if I ever tried anything like that. The foolish mother character really contributes to the tone of the ballet and made it a lot more cheerful, as opposed to Romeo and Juliet where the parents hate each other. In this ballet, the lovers still have to hide their love from the mother, but it turns out well in the end.

    Abby Jones

  3. One of my favorite things about this ballet is the comedy that is incorporated. This piece is so lively and fun, and the dancers really bring the characters to life. There is so much pantomiming used to get across the emotions and thoughts of the characters that it almost seems like a play. It is so entertaining watching the mother dance in her clumsy, outrageous movements. It is so different from the graceful, flowing movements that you would usually think of when you think ballet.

    Erica Swilley

  4. This scene perfectly contrasts Romeo and Juliet. Like everyone is saying, this ballet is comedic while Romeo and Juliet is tragic. This clogging injects even more lightheartedness into La Fille Mal Gardee and is one more reminder that this ballet is meant for humor. There isn’t really a change in dance styles in Romeo and Juliet, so this clogging routine in the middle of a ballet is refreshing; though I love ballet and I love watching it, it can get slow at times, so the inclusion of this is nice.

    Lana Rakestraw

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