La Fille mal Gardee – 1962

The reason why I choose this particular video was because it was filmed in 1962 yet appears to be exactly like the more recent versions and the version we watched in class. This just goes to show how timeless the ballet is. Centuries have passed and ballet is still an admirable and highly respected art form. I also find it interesting to watch how different dancers adapt the dance to their own particular style. Even though the steps are relatively the same, each dancer puts something personal into their work and shows different emotions. The choreographers and directors also contribute to the different styles that same ballet has, and I really enjoy seeing the variation.

Compared to Romeo and Juliet, this ballet is more lighthearted and comedic. I couldn’t tell you which one I liked better because I enjoy watching them both for different Reasons.

Mackenzie Randolph


2 thoughts on “La Fille mal Gardee – 1962

  1. I like Mackenzie’s point about how this ballet is timeless. It was written so long ago, yet it’s still relatable and entertaining. I imagine while dancing for film, they would have to be so much more particular with the steps and such because the camera is very close as opposed to an audience watching them perform onstage. I don’t like Nadia Nerina as much as the one we watched in class, but she did put her own personal touch on it like Mackenzie said. I thought the pair did a good job portraying the emotion, like many of the Romeo and Juliet pairs I watched did. I think the black and white film aspect takes away from the lightheartedness of the ballet because you can’t see the colorful sets and costumes that really help set the cheerful mood.

    Abby Jones

  2. I really enjoyed watching this version because there is so much you can recognize from the version we watched in class. This shows that these two are not very different and have remained the same as a classic ballet over the years. I agree with Abby and Mackenzie that this ballet is truly timeless.
    I would have liked to see this ballet in color rather than black and white, only because it is just a playful ballet, and that gets lost in the black and white.

    Lian Dellasala

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