Romeo and Juliet–the marketplace

I really enjoyed the set design and the costumes in this particular ballet performance; everything was well coordinated and aesthetically pleasing. Also, the intricate details in the ballet were extremely entertaining. For example, there were a lot of different characters in the background that were humorous and had individual personalities. Their acting made the scene more lively and spirited. Even though there was so much happening at once, my eyes were still drawn towards the actual dancing. Instead of slow and graceful, the dancing was set to a faster pace and had many jumps and leaps which added to the liveliness of the scene. Overall, this scene was very entertaining and fun to watch.


3 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet–the marketplace

  1. I love this! I love scenes in which there are a lot of small groups talking and doing things separately, and this is no exception. There is just so much to see! The dancers in this scene have fantastic facial expressions and know just how to portray what is going through their mind. For instance, you can tell just how much fun the 3 couples are having who take over the dancing in the middle. And the different styles of the couples are fascinating to watch and to see them come together with the choreography that kind of reminds me of Viennese Waltz. And as a percussionist, I loved the percussive nature of some of the choreography what with the stomping and the sword fighting (thought I can tell that is really difficult to keep in unison).

  2. Overall, this is a beautiful scene. There are so many things to look at since there are so many different things going on. The many props make it interesting, but not clustered like a typical market would be. The costumes are perfectly coordinated. Even those in the background were constantly moving, making it seem like a true, lively market. I loved how the music went along with the sword fight and the emotions of the dancers while the fight was going on.
    Danielle Gardner

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