Romeo and Juliet Ballroom Scene

From the very beginning when I watched this scene I was intrigued because the music is so intense. Compared to the other videos I watched, this one is definitely a lot simpler in the choreography department, but I picked this scene because the production as a whole is so extravagant. First of all, the set is incredible!! The “ballroom” looks like an actual large beautiful ballroom with the staircase and everything. Second of all, the costumes are amazing as well; they all look so regal in the gold shaded colors. I love how in the beginning when just the male dancers are performing they are in such precise lines and doing simple movements, yet it still holds the audience’s attention because of the intense music. They all have such confidence about them, it makes for a beautiful rendition of Romeo and Juliet!


One thought on “Romeo and Juliet Ballroom Scene

  1. The set for this scene is absolutely stunning. As well, the color scheme of the costumes work perfectly with the set, and I love the elegance that the long sleeves add to the movement. The intense music certainly catches the audiences attention immediately and makes the dance more entertaining to watch despite the simple choreography. It makes the men dancing seem more powerful.
    Danielle Gardner

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