Romeo and Juliet

I thought the choreography for this piece was phenomenal. Both dancers were very dedicated to the characters they were playing. I sensed so much passion in the piece. I also thought the costume choices were very appropriate for the scene. Since this is like the morning after their wedding night scene, the nude color choice and dim lighting were great contributors for the romantic mood which really set the tone for the scene.

Ashley Driver


One thought on “Romeo and Juliet

  1. The dancers in this piece portray their emotions very well. Their story is convincing which helps makes the performance beautiful to watch. He lifts her effortlessly and she dances very fluidly. Their movement is very graceful and romantic which is appropriate since it is a love story. I also enjoyed the set, costumes, and lighting. The set design was simple yet effective and the dim lighting helped portray the romance in the scene. The costumes were also simple but appropriate because in these scene Romeo and Juliet are just waking up and wouldn’t have very extravagant clothing on. – Mackenzie Randolph

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