La Fille Mal Gardée: Maypole Dance, Storm and Finale

This scene involves a lot of physical comedy, especially by Widow Simone and Alain. Alain’s ridiculous umbrella actually somewhat starts to make sense when the storm hits, but it ends up not being of any use and lifts him off the ground. Alain’s flight was an interesting technical aspect, and not one that I have seen used in ballet very often. Everything in this ballet, from the costumes to the props to the humor, is much lighter than that of Romeo and Juliet. Even this “dark” scene is still filled with humor and physical comedy.

Abby Jones


2 thoughts on “La Fille Mal Gardée: Maypole Dance, Storm and Finale

  1. I really enjoyed this scene from the ballet, i thought that it had so many different aspects going on that it really held my interest. The contrast between the bright colors and happiness of the may poll dancing at the beginning of the scene and the darkness of the storm hitting is really evident and adds a very dramatic effect to the scene. I also thought that the Widow Simone and Alain were positively hilarious. When Alain gets lifted into the air by his umbrella, i thought that was really cool.

    Aislin Sheffield

  2. I thought this was one of the most unique ballet scenes that I’d ever seen. I loved that the dancing around the may pole lead to the ribbons weaving around each other, which must have taken a lot of practice and precision on the dancers’ part. When the storm hit, I loved how everyone danced all together to either side of the stage to show how windy it was, and how dramatic Widow Simone and Alain were. I agree with Aislin and Abby about Alain being lifted in the air by his umbrella; I never usually see such technical aspects in a ballet on that level.

    Kelsey Haywood

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