Danse des Chevaliers from Romeo and Juliet

The biggest reason I chose this video is because I happen to ADORE this section of music. It is majestic and powerful and absolutely wonderful. The next thing I noticed was how well the ballet fit with it! I love the slow and dramatic choreography that accompanies the main theme and then the switch of feel in the music when Romeo and Juliet meet up. Not to mention the sudden dark and powerful sword scene! Even the costumes themselves go with the music. A reddish color is present on most outfits, and it creates a very dramatic and beautiful feel. It is also the perfect color seeing as how it represents love but also blood. They also do a great job of creating the feel of really being in a ballroom full of people but also being in a world of their own. They achieve this through the smaller groups in the back and which emerge every now and then in dancing groups and by putting Romeo and Juliet in much lighter costumes than the rest of the company. I just think the whole scene is beautifully done. The costumes, the set, the music, and the dance and dancers are all stunning.

Savanna Lawing


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