Of the scenes of Romeo and Juliet I’ve watched, this was my favorite. The way Juliet completely trusts her partner is evident, and conveys how completely Juliet has fallen in love with him. The two dance beautifully to the music, with perfect musicaility; the partnering sections are my favorite. They appear so effortless and graceful, even though I’m sure it is extremely difficult. I think the lighting is perfect for this scene, as it shows the gloominess of the ballet as a whole, as well as for this particular scene. It ensures the audience is aware of the correspondence occurring between Romeo and Juliet, and that it is not one of happiness. The bed, though, its a bit distracting to me. I know it sets the setting of this scene, but I feel like it could be smaller and less prominent as it was distracting me from the dancers.

Lana Rakestraw


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  1. This was beautiful! The most important part for me is that I can really feel their love for one another. Their facial expressions and their expressions in their dance really help this. I agree that this Juliet (and every good Juliet in this scene) shows a total trust of her Romeo. It is amazing to me the kind of strength and skill Romeo shows in his constant supporting of Juliet. And they make it seem so easy! I also agree with the lighting comment. I feel like the lighting is alluding to the doomed nature of their romance even in this very romantic and loving scene. And I actually like the bed. I can see why you would find it distracting (it does take up a lot of the stage), but for me, it truly gave a sense of time and place, whereas if it was a smaller bed, the audience’s eyes might just skim right over it. While our attention should be on the dance, it also helps to observe the setting very carefully to give a true sense of the feel of the scene.

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