Romeo & Juliet Russian Ballet

This interpretation of Romeo and Juliet’s balcony scene was breathtaking. The lack of any props or a set could have been disastrous had the dancing not been as extraordinary as it was. The dancer’s chemistry was so passionate and convincing that this scene almost brought me to tears. The lines and form of both ballerinas were perfect and in unison. The simple music allowed the talent of both dancers to be showcased without competition. This focused the audience on the beautiful and genuine sentiment that was trying and was in fact achieved by the attempt of the dancers. I was moved by this performance by the pure simplicity of raw emotion and the expression of love through dance. Although this performance did not express any conflict- such as the families of both Romeo and Juliet being at odds with one another- it did capture the incredible power and grace of a couple who is in love. Love can conquer any doubts and this ballet showed that two young lovers believed in that sentiment.

Mariah Bartelmez


2 thoughts on “Romeo & Juliet Russian Ballet

  1. I completely agree with Mariah! These ballerinas are so in sync; it’s like they are one dancer. I also thought that the lack of a background or props really aided the audience to focus in on the dancers and their movements. The piece really expresses the love that the two have for each other.
    Erica Swilley

  2. This video took the same route as the video I posted, but they took a much greater risk but not having any props at all. Fortunately, it worked in their favor! They danced so beautifully together allowing the love that Romeo and Juliet had for one another to be thoroughly expressed! As Mariah stated, I also believe that they took this route to focus the audience on their passion rather than to get distracted at what else is happening on the stage.
    Dia Clark

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