Ballet “Romeo & Juliet” Alessandra Ferri & Wayne Eagling

This clip of Romeo and Juliet was so elegant and graceful! I could feel the longing that the two lovers felt for each other. I thought the costumes were very simple and elegant. The music fit very well with the choreography, and aided in getting the mood of the piece across. I enjoyed this clip a lot!

Erica Swilley


3 thoughts on “Ballet “Romeo & Juliet” Alessandra Ferri & Wayne Eagling

  1. I really liked Erica’s comment about the costumes. The simplicity of them allows the audience to just focus on the technique and acting of the dancers rather than what they are wearing. You would never know the strength required for some of these lifts because the Romeo and Juliet just make them look so easy.

    Hannah Caruso

  2. This is probably my favorite scene out of the whole ballet! Everything they do looks so incredibly easy, they are in perfect sync with each other the entire time. As Hannah said, you would never know much strength and poise is required for those lifts. I also noticed that both dancers put so much emotion into the duet not only through their movements, but through their facial expressions as well.

    Amanda Ziegler

  3. I really love the girl who plays Juliet. I think she captures the emotion of the role perfectly and makes it very believable. She was the dancer in my video as well, and I just enjoy watching the way she dances. I like how she really melts into her partner and shows that trust there, as the lifts they are doing are extremely difficult and require so much strength, like Hannah said.

    Lana Rakestraw

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