Romeo and Juliet Pas de Deux

I’ve never been a fan of Romeo and Juliet, and I’ve never seen the ballet of it before, but I enjoyed this scene. I found it to be very moving—it was very raw, and you could see the emotion on each dancer’s face. There was so much passion that the audience can clearly tell that the pair truly cares for the other. Everything was so graceful and effortless, and I was able to focus on the dancing alone due to the low-key set design and costumes. I thought the music fit in perfectly. There were darker, sadder sounding bits than others, with spots of more up beat tones. I think the technical aspects of the ballet came together to reflect the beautiful dancing on stage.

Kelsey Haywood


5 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet Pas de Deux

  1. This dance really captivated me and connected with me. I thought it was amazing how effortlessly Romeo lifts Juliet and how gracefully they move as a pair. There is extreme passion in both of their facial expressions, which was really beautiful to watch because you can tell that they want to be together so desperately. The story of Romeo and Juliet is beautifully tragic, and I think this dance proves that. The two leads long for each other and you can see it in their facial expressions and in their dancing. When he holds her, he holds tight as if he never wants to let go. Also, when Juliet clings to Romeo you can tell she is hopelessly in love with him and desperate to be with him. Overall I thought this piece was very well performed and enjoyable to watch.

    Natalie D’Addieco

  2. Good god, Juliet’s legs go on for miles! I love how this scene much more danced rather than acted, unlike other scenes that I’ve watched. I thought this pair had excellent chemistry. They dance so fluidly together. The way Romeo would lead Juliet in some parts and cling to her in others was really beautiful and contributed a lot to the story. The way Juliet falls into his arms without hesitation shows her desperate love for him. I agree with Kelsey about how the simplicity of the costumes and set helped emphasize the dance.

    Abby Jones

  3. This particular scene captivated me more than any of the other ones I have watched of Romeo and Juliet. There is a good bit of acting in only the facial expressions, but what makes this scene different was the excellent chemistry the dancers had just as Abby said. The pair passionately captured the emotion of this scene not only through their ability to love eachother on stage, but to dance beautifully together. Unlike other scenes I’ve watched as well, these dancers portrayed the angst that their relationship holds. The disapproval of entire families weighs heavy in a relationship and these ballerinas were able to capture through their dancing. Romeo didn’t want to let Juliet go and nor did she want to let him go. He led her on the stage as he led their relationship. I also really liked the part where he would lift her as he kneeled on the ground and in a circular motion bring her to him and lift her back up. There is so much beautiful symbolism in this particular performance. This is my favorite one I’ve seen yet!

    Mariah Bartelmez

  4. This pas de deux is actually very similar to the video that I posted. I believe mine had different dancers. These two were amazing. They literally took my break away. I felt captivated by their movements and emotion as if I could feel the meaning behind them. The female does have beautiful legs. She used them very well, I thought all of her movements flowed together very nicely. I would agree that the simplicity of the set really puts the focus on the dancers. I would also agree with Mariah that the angst the female displayed particularly was refreshing. The two definitely had challenges to overcome. The emotion brought the effect of those challenges to life.

    Ashley Driver

  5. This couple used more obvious facial expressions than the video I chose, and I like it; it really conveys the emotion behind the dance. I do, however like the dancers I chose better. They were less dramatic in their dancing, which to me means more to the audience as they have to infer what is happening in the dance for themselves, since it is not so obvious. I like when dances aren’t as obvious, as it leaves the dance up for interpretation. I do, though, like the props in this scene better than in my video, because they are less prominent; the bed in mine was colossal and took up much of the space and was highly distracting. This one is smaller and more simplistic, so the audience focuses less on the background and more on the dancers themselves.

    Lana Rakestraw

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