Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene

The first thing that I noticed in this scene was the impressive set. Having an actual balcony on stage contributed so much to the storyline of this scene. The dancer’s did a wonderful job of telling the story through their facial expressions as well as their movements. This scene was a perfect example of how much acting a ballet requires. I was amazed by the all the lifts! I know they are extremely difficult, yet the dancer’s made them look easy and completely natural.

Amanda Ziegler


One thought on “Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene

  1. I agree completely with Amanda- the set of this particular production was extremely impressive and added so much to the dance. Without words, the set and the ballet told the story of Romeo and Juliet’s love and passion for one another. As Amanda mentioned- the lifts were incredible. The male ballerina made the woman look like a feather as he easily lifted and twirled her around. The lifts made the scene so much more convincing. I do have to say that I felt like the facial expressions were a bit over the top and distracted partially from the dancing and the overall theme of the scene. But asides from that- it was a beautiful interpretation of this ballet.

    Mariah Bartelmez

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