fight scene between Tybalt, Mercutio, and Romeo

I thought the music for this performance fit really well with what was actually going on. Also, at the beginning of this scene I was really bored with what was going on, I thought it was really slow paced and plain, but after Mercutio got stabbed and Romeo and Tybalt started fighting i thought that it got more interesting because it was more dramatic and the pace picked up a bit. Overall this definitely wouldn’t be my favorite scene from the ballet.

Aislin Sheffield


2 thoughts on “fight scene between Tybalt, Mercutio, and Romeo

  1. I agree with Aislin in how dramatic the ballet became after Mercutio was stabbed, and how before it seemed very boring. I liked how the fighting matched the music–each hit was another beat of the music. This scene was so unlike the rest of the parts of this ballet that I’ve seen so far. At first it seemed very upbeat and almost happy, like the pair was fighting for fun. However, when Mercutio was stabbed, the music, acting, and fight itself became very crazed.

    Kelsey Haywood

  2. I agree with Aislin, this would not be my favorite scene from the ballet. Mercutio’s death was drawn out much too long, just when I thought he was dead they picked him up and dragged it out even longer. HIs death lasted much longer than the actual fighting between him and Tybalt. I also noticed that Mercutio appeared to be very over confident in the beginning, then of course he ended up being the one stabbed. Until the end, it was very boring to watch. However, I was impressed that the core dancers did a good job of keeping up with their acting on stage throughout the entire scene.

    Amanda Ziegler

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