Juliet’s Variation

In the full ballet of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet’s first act variation is preformed after she has encountered Romeo twice, but these encounter are very brief. When I was watching her dance this variation, it was beautiful, for her extensions and grace made it look so effortless. This was all so wonderful to watch, but my favorite part of this clip is at the end, when Juliet finally has that perfect moment with Romeo; it is love at first sight. The two of them have that instant connection as soon as they officially meet at the end of her variation. As the audience, I felt the emotions of love when Romeo and Juliet finish dancing together and the tension when Juliet’s family starts to show their disapproval for the two. This is all done so perfectly solely through the body movement and facial expressions of the dancers.

Lian Dellasala


2 thoughts on “Juliet’s Variation

  1. I agree with Lian–everything about this is graceful and poised. You can see Juliet’s facial expression change in an instant once Romeo starts to dance with her, and they have that one true connection. One technical point I noticed was the costume choice. Juliet’s dress was bright gold, and Romeo’s had a moon-light glow, which I think complimented Juliet perfectly. The rest of the cast was dressed in darker shades, which allows the audience to focus on the dancing itself.

    Kelsey Haywood

  2. This was one of the livelier pieces I watched from Romeo and Juliet. I liked the Juliet’s expressiveness not only in her face, but also in the way the energy flowed through her movements. I also really liked the way her dress flowed out at the bottom into a sort of tulip shape. It was more elaborate than other costumes I saw in these videos but never detracted from her work.

    Hannah Caruso

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