Romeo and Juliet Final Scene

I have read Romeo and Juliet before, so I am well aware of how the story ends. However, it was different watching it in a ballet. The music conveyed the grief Romeo felt when he thought Juliet was dead. It was painful to watch him try to dance with her limp body in disbelief that she was dead. I felt emotional watching that part of the scene because the music and the choreography combined with the dancer’s facial expressions made it easy to feel the pain being told through the dance. After Romeo kills himself, Juliet’s reaction was more along the lines of panic. She seems in denial before being completely distraught and killing herself as well. The whole scene was tragic but I was impressed with the ability of the ballet to convey the story without words.

Natalie D’Addieco


5 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet Final Scene

  1. Natalie, I totally agree with you when you said that you could feel the pain that Romeo was going through when he was dancing with Juliet’s limp body. Just watching the scene was painful. We all see how light her body is, but the way that Romeo dances with her makes it look so heavy and painful for him, especially because he thinks she is dead.

    Lian Dellasala

  2. I definitely agree with both of you on Romeo’s pain, I felt truly sad for Romeo. I also thought when Romeo was trying to dance with Juliet’s limp body, that it was really neat that Juliet still looked very graceful and elegant with her hand, arm, and leg shapes. Another thing that really stood out to me was that since Romeo’s scene when he thought Juliet was dead was so sincere and sorrowful, that it made Juliet’s scene upon finding Romeo dead seam less sincere and rushed.

    Aislin Sheffield

  3. This was such a heartbreaking, yet beautiful scene. As Aislin pointed out, Juliet still looked incredibly graceful, even while acting dead. To keep her head limp, but still have poise and lift herself while making it seem like she was not helping at all was very impressive to me. Like what was said before me, Romeo’s facial expressions were spot on and really connected with the audience. I thought the stage picture at the end with both of them sprawled out like that was very dramatic and emphasized the tragedy of the scene and dance.

    Abby Jones

  4. When I first started watching the video I was not impressed. I did not think this type of scene could be pulled of with beauty, but it was! I found myself drowning in Romeos pain. His emotions were captivating. You could see in both his steps and face that he had lost love. I think his expressions definitely reached the audience and made a world of difference. I will agree with Aislin, Juliet’s portion did feel a bit rushed and although she displayed passion and heartache as well it was not quite as captivating as that of Romeo. She did, however, make a very graceful limp body. Her motions were all fully carried out with grace and fluidity.

    Ashley Driver

  5. This scene was extremely well executed. I wasn’t aware that it was possible to make being thrown around like a rag-doll graceful. Even though she was acting as though she was limp, she was in complete control of her body and aware of every movement she made. The drama and emotions of this scene were riveting. I was impressed by both dancer’s execution of their roles; the pain that both of them felt during their parts was convincing as well as heartbreaking.

    Mackenzie Randolph

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