Romeo and Juliet- Balcony Scene

First of all, being a theatre kid the first thing I noticed was the set. I’ve never seen a two story set for a ballet before. Most of the ballets I’ve seen have a pretty flat set. I really liked the part once Juliet comes down from the balcony and they are walking together and holding hands. They look shy around each other and I thought that was cute. I also was very impressed by the first lift sequence right after Romeo’s solo. He carries Juliet all the way across the stage, lifting her up and down but never letting her touch the floor, so he never really got a break.

Abby Jones


4 thoughts on “Romeo and Juliet- Balcony Scene

  1. I thought this dance was absolutely beautiful. In the beginning, I noticed the music the orchestra was playing had a sad tone while Juliet was by herself on the balcony. When Romeo approached, the music sped up to set the tone of the excitement felt by the two leads when they saw each other. Romeo’s turn sequences blew me away and definitely stuck out to me in this clip. I really enjoyed watching Romeo and Juliet dance together as well because they moved so gracefully as a pair which I feel conveys their love for each other and desire to be together. When he lifts her, it felt symbolic to me of his willingness to protect her. I thought this piece was performed and choreographed beautifully and really told the story of Romeo and Juliet.

    Natalie D’Addieco

  2. This scene is absolutely fabulous and beautiful in so many ways. I agree with Natalie on the fact that the music set the perfect tone for the beginning of the scene with Juliet by herself, and then it followed the dancers into a joyful time, then to a romantic time. The music, set, costumes, and emotions from the dancers made me feel as if I were the one falling into young love. I also agree with Natalie that the dancing looked extremely effortless and graceful even during the most difficult turn and lift sequences. The beautiful performance captured the exact emotions of Romeo and Juliet’s love.

    Lian Dellasala

  3. I definitely agree with both Natalie and Lian. This was such a beautiful dance, it conveyed Romeo and Juliet’s love for each other so perfectly that it made me want that kind of love. I also thought that the dance showed such intimacy and just that the two had such a connection the way they flowed so well together. One part of the dance that i really thought was just so great was where Romeo kept like pushing Juliet away and then pulling her close as if being apart from her for those few seconds was the worst time of his life.

    Aislin Sheffield

  4. This ballet was absolutely stunning! It portrayed their love as an actual teenage love, from them being shy around each other to their nonstop flirting that led up to the long awaited kiss! It expressed their desire for one another in every step, making you watch until the curtains closed! I think that I enjoyed watching both dancers perform a solo the most out of the entire excerpt. During that moment you could see the longing and amazement that one had for the other while watching the dance. These dancers did not allow the grand props or the animated music to take away from their performance, but compliment it!
    Dia Clark

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