FYOS 1001: Attending Campus Events

As part of this class (attendance and written report required to release final grade) you are required to attend three campus events.  The purpose of this component of the class is to introduce you to the many ways in which the mission of UGA is carried out and shared with the public.  Remember that UGA has the tripartite mission of instruction, service and research.  During the semester you must attend three events that touch on one or more of these three arms of the UGA mission. 

Which events should you attend?

Remember that the goal is to expose you to the instructional, service and research efforts of the university.  So many events hosted by UGA schools, departments and programs will be appropriate if they aim to demonstrate some aspect of instruction, research or service.  Ask yourself “Does this event show me some of what UGA offers in one of these three areas?”  “Will this event give me a glimpse into what UGA is about?”  Examples could include:

  • a lecture by a UGA scholar or a scholar invited by a UGA department
  • a presentation on opportunities for study, research or service at UGA
  • an artistic performance (given by a UGA school or department )

There could be others so if you have questions about a possible event, ask!!


  1. Keep your eyes open for possible events to attend.  Consult the FYO webpage “Events” tab, watch for flyers, emails, etc., and consider the events that I might suggest to you.


  1. Space out your attendance at events.  Attend your first event during the first of the semester, your second event near mid-semester and your third event toward the end of the semester.  In this way, as your experience in class builds and as you learn more about UGA you should be able to have an increasingly meaningful experience with each event.


  1. If you have a question about whether or not an event is appropriate, ask me in class or via email.  However, please do not email me hours or minutes before you plan to go to an event and expect me to answer! 

Follow-up for class:

Answer the questions on the next page and submit it to me no later than one week after the event – my mailbox is in the Xerox room in the main lobby of the dance department. Remember that your attendance and the answers you provide are covered by the UGA Honesty Policy (www.uga.edu/honesty) just like any other assignment you would do for this class.  In other words, it must be you that attends the events and you must provide your own answers to the questions.

Lastly, remember that you represent your school and this class, so please be mindful of your demeanor when you attend events.  Read the guidelines on the FYO website for guidelines on etiquette for attending events (https://fyo.uga.edu/events/etiquette-museum.html)!!



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